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Bissau Guinea has maintained a relatively consistent rate of economic growth in the period 1980-2009 and shows an increase in growth over the last decade. The average annual growth rate of the 1980s (3.0 percent) and 1990 (2.7 percent) are slightly below the average rate for the period 1980-2009 to 3.2 percent, the growth rate of 2000 are slightly higher than him, to 3.9 percent.

Macroeconomic data
GDP (Gross Domestic Product) Not specified
GDB of agriculture : Not specified
Share of livestock in agricultural GDP Not specified
Share of fishing in agricultural GDP Not specified
Share of crop production in agricultural GDP Not specified
Share of forestry in agricultural GDP: Not specified
Agriculture budget : Not specified
Indicator :
Prevalence of malnutrition in women (MUAC <230mm) of childbearing aged 15 to 49 years
# Régions Value (%) Trend
1 Bafatá--
2 Biombo--
3 Bissau--
4 Bolama--
5 Cacheu--
6 Gabú--
7 Oio--
8 Quinara--
9 Tombali--