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How was ECOAGRIS developed and on what principles was it based?

ecoagris-elaborationECOAGRIS – development. ECOWAS has deliberately opted for a participatory approach and involved stakeholders in the agricultural sector of Member States in all stages of the development and implementation work of ECOAGRIS. Thus, the Concept Note for its implementation at the national and regional level has been defined and validated by consensus of all involved. In addition, the guidelines for ECOAGRIS and the orientation document for its effective implementation have similarly been validated.

Using a participatory approach, the Task Force of ECOAGRIS in April 2008 adopted in Cotonou the main principles governing the production, management and access to data generated by the various systems and methods nationally and regionally. On the other hand, a joint assessment between ECOWAS and the information systems operating in the area of food security in seven Member States, which are currently benefiting from the program, helped to: define the general architecture of the ECOAGRIS information system; identify the databases to create or improve; identify the country needs for equipment for Information and Communication Technology that should be made available.