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    Dynamic tool for monitoring agriculture in West Africa, which will enable to have updated information for the development, monitoring and evaluation of all the work and initiatives undertaken.


  • Early Warning

    Using situational FBS and trends in the agro-forestry-pastoral production for the formulation of policies and strategies for agricultural development and food.


  • Agriculture

    You will be able to enjoy the area and production of different crops by country, region and state, but also the coverage of cereal needs of all countries.

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  • Livestock

    Estimate the number of livestock and manage statistics in terms of production of meat, milk, eggs, etc.., But also data-controlled logging.

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  • Fisheries

    Production management of fishing from controlled landings. This fishery information system is less structured in some countries such as Senegal, data collection was abandoned for lack of funding.

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  • Agro-climate

    When farmers receive SMS on their mobile phones that give them forecast rains in the next 10 days, the agricultural information system in West Africa (ECOAGRIS) system will be accomplished.

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  • Research

    In general, the word refers to the act of looking search. In particular, the word can refer to the intellectual effort to achieve intellectual mastery of new techniques or concepts

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